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Auction with sealed bid submission and subsequent online auction among the highest bids.

Minimum bidding in the auction: 1.725.000 € (+10% specialized company commission).

Last date to send bids

Tuesday, July 12, 2022


Picón, Ciudad Real (Spain):  See map >>


The Casalobos winery was created in 2003 by 23 partners. The winery was led by winemaker Ignacio de Miguel with the intention of creating a unique and quality wine.

It is located between the towns of Picón and Porzuna. At the foot of the Sierra de Casalobos, in the transition zone between Montes de Toledo and Campo de Calatrava in an estate of 35 hectares surrounded by holm oaks.

The estate contains a large part of farmland and although it does not have a winemaking tradition, the soil studies carried out show its suitability for vine cultivation.The first 19 hectares of vines were planted in the spring of 2004 with 8.5 hectares of Syrah, 6.3 hectares of Cabernet Sauvignon, 3.2 hectares of Petit Verdot and 1 hectare of Tempranillo.

Real estate information

  1. Cadastral area: 92,965 m2
  2. Winery area: 5.059 m2
  3. Land demarcation: Rural.
  4. Use: Agrarian.
  5. Type of property: Crop fields.
  6. The building.The basement floor is distributed in a Front Desk area, Elevator room, Hallway and Warehouse.
  7. The ground floor consists of the bottle-ageing hall, warehouses, bottling line, winemaking hall, dining room, work area, office, laboratory, storage rooms for oenological and toxic products and other facilities.
  8. The first floor is distributed in maintenance and control room, open and covered facilities, warehouse, reception, work and meeting rooms, kitchen, toilets, pantry and terrace.


  • 19 hectares of vineyards.
  • 48,168 vines of 4 different varieties:
    Petit verdot
  • Drip irrigation system with solenoid valves.
  • 1 well.
  • State aid amounting to €200,000 has been requested for restructuring by ASAJA’s technical services for the entire vineyard. These aids contemplate the restructuring and start-up of the vineyards and are expected to be approved in the month of October-November of this year.


  • 9 IMPORINOX tanks with a capacity of 15,320 liters each one.
  • 7 IMPORINOX tanks with a capacity of 10,350 liters each one.
  • 3 IMPORINOX always-full tanks of 1,000 liters each one.
  • Bucher vertical press.
  • 1 IMPORINOX tank with a capacity of 6,000 liters in the bottling room.
  • GAI 1305 Bottling machine 1,000 liters/ hour.
  • GAI 6008 Labeling machine up to 1,500 liters/hour.
  • Case sealer for palletizing.
  • Wine-making tools.
  • Laboratory.



Visit days: June 16 and 30, 2022

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Submission of bids in sealed envelopes.

Start date: From June 6 2022
to July 12 2022

Date of opening of envelopes:

July 15, 2022

Online auction among the three highest bids

Start date: 18
End date: July 20, 2022

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